Can I apply SIMALFA on one side only?

Yes, let us show you the best way to apply Simalfa since your equipment and process will play a role.

Should I expect maintenance problems with our spray guns when using SIMALFA?

No. Simalfa is a stable product that's friendly to equipment. It's all part of the SIMALFA technology, let us show you...

Is SIMALFA expensive?

NO, our customers enjoy the lowest adhesive cost per bonded part.

A competitor says he produces the same product as SIMALFA is this true?

No. It's not possible. They may produce a water based adhesive but SIMALFA is extremely unique and our technology is proprietary and protected under patents. Honestly, we believe "this is a typical salesman" attempting to overstate the quality and performance of his product. However, we believe this is a perfect situation for us to prove the value of Simalfa. Simply request the salesman to take the Simalfa Challenge.

How long must I wait after spraying, before placing parts together?

No waiting! You can stick the parts together after spraying for immediate bond. It's quite different than water based adhesives from other manufacturers.

Why should I use the Free Flowing System of delivery?

Simplicity! Its the least expensive, most effective, low maintenance system available.

How strong is the SIMALFA bond?

Strongest in the industry. The bond has been tested at twice the strength of traditional solvent based adhesives.

Does SIMALFA contain solvents?

NO. Simalfa is a 1-part water based adhesive that is solvent free.

Does SIMALFA contain ammonia or other Hazardous Air Pollutants?

NO. Simalfa does not contain any ammonia or other Hazardous Air Pollutants.

I currently use a 2-component water based adhesive and my employees complain about the effects on their skin (i.e., rashes, cuts or abrasions that burn and do not heal). Will I have these same issues when switching to Simalfa?

NO. The catalyst used with 2-component adhesives is generally the cause of skin problems. We would expect those issues to go away since SIMALFA is a 1-component adhesive.