Foam Expo 2020

New Technology & Product Demonstrations

Novi, MI – USA
August 25 - 27, 2020
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simalfa adhesives water based


Market leadership and decades of experience + expertise. Over 150+ formulations to meet every need and solve impossible problems.

Roll Pack Immediately

IR and non-IR adhesives so you can go from production to packing in a flash! Increase your production efficiency and output capacity.

simalfa adhesives water based


Cleanliness through chemistry. Our Overspray-Free products not only keep your plant clean, they tack fast. Really fast! One sided application fast! Instant foam tearing bond fast!

simalfa adhesives water based

100% Water-based & Superior Bond

Environmentally friendly and safe to use in your work environment.

  • Adhesives for every application and substrate
  • One-part Overspray-Free adhesives
  • Two-part Overspray-Free adhesives
  • IR adhesives
  • Roll-pack adhesives
simalfa adhesives water based

Multiple Delivery Methods

Setup in your current production process with automatic spray, manual spray, or roll coat.

  • Gravity
  • Pressure
  • Pump

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