Free Flow System

simalfa adhesives free flowing system

System Description

The Free Flowing System combines the use of gravity, special packaging, unique components, and a High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) spray gun to create the most reliable and most cost effective adhesive delivery system available. The development of the Free Flowing System is a result of our innovative efforts to improve manufacturing processes for our customers. Traditionally, adhesives are delivered via pump or pressure tanks and these systems require a substantial investment, considerable fluid handling and a high degree of ongoing maintenance for consistent operation. The Free Flowing System eliminates unnecessary equipment, requires no maintenance, and there's no fluid handling as the Free Flowing System connects directly to the SIMALFA container!

Patented Innovation

Design and method of use patents: US Patents 5868319 + 6042024, Canadian Patent 2292219, and other patents pending.


  • No fluid handling
  • No adhesive contamination
  • No maintenance
  • Consistent operation
  • Low startup investment
  • It’s SIMPLE!


Free Flowing System Installation Instructions - 20kg

Free Flowing System Installation Instructions - Totes

Common Questions

Is there a cost for the system?

There’s no cost to use the Free flowing System as it’s offered to SIMALFA customers under license. The license is quite simple, for each container of SIMALFA purchased the customer is granted a license for the contents of that container. Only SIMALFA can be used with the Free Flowing System.

What package sizes are offered?

We offer packaging in 5, 110, and 250 gallons (20, 440, and 1000 kg) with all being designed to work with the Free Flowing System. Container Sizes

Who would design the system for my company?

We design each system to meet the specific requirements of each customer. Just leave it up to us.

How many spray stations can I run off a single system?

If you’re using 20 kg containers we recommend only one. However, if you’re using a tote system then it's virtually unlimited as we’re only restricted by the physical characteristics of your manufacturing facility.

What does my company need to purchase in order to install the system?

You’ll need some basic components including a rack to support the adhesive container, PVC piping, PVC ball valves, hoses, air lines and fittings, spray guns, and other unique components that are necessary to build your custom system. Our design team will supply a complete list of items needed. In fact, we stock most items so your search for components is made easy.

What’s the easiest way to begin?

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