simalfa Connect-and-Spray Technology

Connect-and-Spray™ Technology

Simalfa's 2-component (2K) adhesives offer an exceptional combination of low cost and high performance, making them a standout choice for businesses looking to optimize their adhesive processes. These adhesives are engineered to deliver top-tier bonding capabilities without breaking the bank. By providing a cost-effective solution, Simalfa enables businesses to enhance their production efficiency and reduce operational expenses.

What sets Simalfa's 2-component adhesives apart is their simplicity in integration. You can seamlessly incorporate these adhesives into your existing system without the need for extensive retooling or complicated adjustments. This user-friendly approach streamlines the transition to improved adhesive solutions, saving both time and resources. Whether you're upgrading your adhesive system for the first time or seeking to enhance your current setup, Simalfa's 2-component adhesives make the process straightforward and cost-effective while delivering outstanding performance.

  • Low cost
  • High efficiency
  • Connect-and-Spray Technology™