Water Based Adhesives Differnces

General Information

There are many adhesive manufacturers marketing water based adhesive products today. Simalfa formulations are either patented or considered trade secrets and therefore are not similar to products produced by other manufacturers. Subsequently, products of similar types produced by various manufacturers are not identical. In order to decide on the best technology for an application or process, it is important to first understand the basic differences between the product types and chemical make-up.

One-Component vs. Two-Component

A one-component adhesive is simply designed to be applied "as is", requiring no additives to create the desired effect. A two component product is a combination of adhesive and activator, which are blended together at the tip of a special spray gun. Two component systems generally require more technical knowledge and expertise to operate consistently.

Natural Latex vs. Synthetic Latex

The differences between natural latex and synthetic latex products are quite obvious: natural latex is rubber from the rubber tree and synthetic is man made through chemical technology. Synthetic latex adhesives offer better performance characteristics and consistency.