simalfa Simalfa vs Solvent


Simalfa is a line of water-based adhesives widely recognized for its environmentally friendly and efficient characteristics, especially when compared to traditional solvent-based adhesives.

Compliance with Regulations

Simalfa meets stricter environmental regulations and workplace safety standards, avoiding potential legal and financial penalties associated with solvent-based adhesives.


Simalfa offers many economic advantages over solvent-based adhesives, making it a more cost-effective choice for businesses. By addressing both direct and indirect costs associated with the use, handling, and disposal of adhesives, Simalfa provides a more economically viable option for businesses looking to optimize their operations while minimizing their environmental impact.

Reduce Liability Risks

Choosing Simalfa over solvent-based adhesives significantly reduces a company's liability risks by minimizing health hazards for employees, cutting down on potential health claims, and limiting the potential for environmental pollution. This leads to a reduction in insurance costs while assisting in helping companies avoid fines and legal issues.

Compatibility with Green Manufacturing Practices

Simalfa aligns with sustainable and eco-friendly manufacturing goals, enhancing a company’s green credentials and appealing to environmentally conscious consumers.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

The reduction in harmful emissions contributes to better air quality within workspaces, promoting a healthier environment for employees.

Not Flammable

Simalfa is not flammable as compared to solvent-based counterparts, significantly lowering any risk of fire hazards in the workplace.

User Health and Safety

Simalfa limits risks to users, reducing the likelihood of respiratory problems, skin irritation, and other health issues.

Cost Savings on Safety Equipment

Simalfa reduces the need for extensive ventilation and personal protective equipment which leads to substantial cost savings.

Ease of Cleanup

Simalfa cleanup requires just water for employees and equipment, simplifying hygiene and maintenance while reducing reliance on harsh chemicals.

Versatility in Application

Simalfa can be applied through various methods, including spraying, brushing, or rolling, accommodating different production needs.

High Bonding Strength

Simalfa offers excellent adhesion across a diverse range of materials, including challenging substrates like wood and plastics.

Quick Drying Time

Despite being water-based, Simalfa delivers fast drying times, enhancing productivity without sacrificing performance.

No Odor

Simalfa has no noticeable odor as compared to solvent-based adhesives, improving the working environment.

Energy Savings

Simalfa reduces the need for high-power ventilation systems to extract solvent vapors translating into lower energy consumption and costs.

Positive Company Image

Simalfa helps bolster a company's image, demonstrating a commitment to sustainability and worker safety, which can be a significant factor in customer decision-making.

These benefits underscore the superiority of Simalfa water-based adhesives over traditional solvent-based options, particularly for businesses prioritizing safety, sustainability, and efficiency.