The Simalfa Challenge

simalfa challenge

What is the SIMALFA Challenge?

It’s a way for clients to evaluate adhesive products from various manufacturers by putting each company and its products to the test via side-by-side evaluation.

It’s quite simple…we’re extremely confident in the performance of SIMALFA, the technical abilities of our organization, and the dedication of our staff that we’re willing to prove it. In short, we stand behind our products and services...

We’re willing to stand next to all competitors at your facility and demonstrate our products so you can compare each adhesive side-by-side on your applications and decide what’s truly best for your organization.

After your thorough review of quality, service, and price, we’re convinced you’ll agree SIMALFA represents the best value on the PLANET.

Can the competitors do this?

  • One Sided Application Under Stress
  • Pinching High Density Foam
  • Immediate Handling Strength
  • Overspray Free Technology

Common Questions

Why create this challenge?

We’re extremely serious about proving Simalfa as simply the best product available. By participating in this challenge, it's not possible for a manufacturer to deceive the customer into believing what they say is true when it's not. The proof is in the ability of their products to perform.

Can the manufacturers behave in a non-adversarial manner?

Absolutely! Only professionals please! This is not about anything other than servicing a customer's needs. Any representative thinking otherwise should stay home.

What if the competitors don’t want to participate in the challenge?

It's clearly their right, but we wouldn't understand their reasoning since it is a great opportunity to demonstrate their product. Or perhaps they confirm what we already know - SIMALFA is the best value on the PLANET.

How do I set up the Challenge?

Just contact us and establish a convenient date for us to visit.Then contact any competitor and arrange for them to visit on the same date. We believe in being extremely ethical and fair so please let everyone know they’ll be demonstrating their product in a side-by-side comparison with SIMALFA.