General Product Information & SDS

The Simalfa line of water based adhesives is designed for bonding foams, fabrics, and virtually any porous substrates.

The goals of Simalfa are to offer solutions that are friendly to our environment and to the people who use them, while providing the necessary performance characteristics that positively impact quality and profitability for our customers. To reach these goals, it is our belief that products must be developed to meet the particular applications of each industry. So, although one could assume there are a great deal of similarities among the Simalfa products, it should be understood that all have a designed purpose. As a result, you'll continue to see the Simalfa product line expand.

Below is a quick reference guide showing some of our 150+ products. It's a great source for identifying the most suitable product for your application. We encourage you to rely on our expertise and contact us to discuss.

Simalfa products

Simalfa 301One-part, Very high instant tack, EconomicalFoam and upholsteryVarious
Simalfa 3031Very-Soft bond line, roll coaterFoam, BeddingFoam, fiber
Simalfa 308-FRFlame retardant (FAA - 14 CFR 25.853)Transportation (Aerospace)Foam, fire block, fabric
Simalfa 309High instant bond, Fast drying, Bonds to many materialsVariousVarious
Simalfa 309-OFOverspray free technologyVariousVarious
Simalfa 309-HTHigh temperature resistanceTransportation (Automotive)Various
Simalfa 311High instant bond, Fast drying, Bonds to many materialsVariousVarious
Simalfa 321Excellent bonding to non-porous materialsFoam, Furniture, TransportationVarious
Simalfa 321-FRFlame retardant (FAA - 14 CFR 25.853), See Simalfa 321Transportation (Aerospace)Foam, fire block, fabric, PE foam
Simalfa 321-HTHigh temperature resistanceFoam, Furniture, TransportationVarious
Simalfa 315-OFOverspray free technologyFoam, BeddingFoam, Fiber, Non-wovens
Simalfa 338Super high instant tack, very-fast drying, roll coater applicationBeddingFoam, fiber, various
Simalfa 345-IRVery-Fast drying, hybrid adhesive for roll coater or hand/automatic sprayBeddingFoam
Simalfa 350-IRVery-Fast drying, Roll coater applicationBeddingFoam
Simalfa 374Two-component, Very high instant tack, EconomicalMattresses, Foam, Upholstery, Transportation, Packaging, Insulations and many others.Various
Simalfa 745Plastic laminates and wood veneersFurniture, Case GoodsHPL, Wood Veneers
Simalfa 800Fast drying, Roll coater applicationBeddingFoam
Simalfa 805Fast drying, Roll coater applicationBeddingFoam
Simalfa 810Very-Fast drying, Roll coater applicationBeddingFoam
Simalfa 818Two-component, Very high instant tack, EconomicalFoam and upholsteryVarious
Simalfa 8182Two-component, Super high instant tack, Fast processingBeddingVarious
Simalfa 819Two-component, High viscosity, Very high instant tackFoam and upholsteryVarious
Simalfa 822-OFOverspray free technology, super instant tackFoam, BeddingFoam, Fiber, Non-wovens
Simalfa 4574Specialty PSAVariousVarious
Simalfa 4576Specialty PSAVariousVarious
Simalfa 4578Specialty PSAConstructionWool, fiberglass, insulation materials
Simalfa Alfast 3142Contact CementVariousVarious
Simalfa 900-PUHeat Reactive, meet requirements of "Cradle to Cradle" certificationVariousVarious
Simalfa 980-PUPolyurethaneVariousVarious
simalfa greenguard gold certified