Easy Flow System

simalfa easy flow system

System Description

The Simalfa Easy-Flow system consists of a pressure tank, spray gun(s) and an electro-pneumatic control unit. The adhesive is supplied through the bottom outlet of the pressure tank. At the point where the fluid volume in the tank is decreased to the minimum filling level, the user is informed by a signal on the control box. If the user does not manually start the refilling process, the system is automatically switched off and depressurized to prevent air from getting into the fluid passageways of the pressure tank and spray guns.


When the pressure tank is de-pressurized, it’s then automatically refilled with adhesive. Once the maximum filling level has been reached the tank is again pressurized and the user can resume working.


  • Deliver Adhesive Over Long Horizontal Distance
  • Accommodate Low Ceiling Heights
  • Accommodate Areas Hard to Reach with a Forklift
  • Accommodates Multiple Spray guns or Application Areas
  • No Time-Consuming Filling


  • High initial cost when related to our patented Free Flowing System
  • High cost of repairs
  • High level of expertise required for operation
  • High level of expertise required for maintenance