Simalfa 4578

Product Description

Discover Simalfa 4578, the pinnacle of insulation bonding. This 100% water-based, pressure-sensitive adhesive delivers un-matched performance, especially for mineral wool and fiberglass materials. Its advanced formula offers superior shear, pull, and peel strength, redefining adhesive standards in insulation. Safe for both users and the environment, its non-flammable, water-based composition ensures a strong, lasting bond. Choose Simalfa 4578 for reliable, top-tier insulation bonding results.

Key Properties

  • Super instant tack
  • High yield
  • Instant bond
  • Fast processing
  • One-sided application
  • Repositionability
  • Soft bond line
  • Solvent free
  • Non-flammable

Primary Industries


Primary Substrates

Wool, fiberglass, insulation materials

Ways to Apply

  • Manual Brush or Roll
  • Manual + Automatic Spray
  • Automatic Roll Coater

Technical Data Sheet + Safety Data Sheet

Please refer to the Safety Data Sheet and Product Label for Health and Safety Information before using Simalfa. Available in English and Spanish versions.