Our Technology

General Information

From utilizing the most advanced computer systems to serve our customers better and faster, to our constant efforts to advance our adhesive technology, Simalfa has always set itself apart as the innovation leader in our industry.

For 30+ years we’ve been developing technologies that offer direct benefits to our clients. We’ve helped clients with advancements in production speed, quality, and environmental controls to name a few.


Our sophisticated systems allow us to process and ship orders immediately, manage our production, inventory, and quality control to the finest detail, and allow us to assist clients with cost monitoring and inventory management.


We’re the only adhesive company that is 100% dedicated to water based technology, and we focus entirely on our area of expertise. Other adhesive companies produce products for many industries, trying to be everything to everyone. Our focus is very direct, resulting in products that perform better than all others.


Our R&D focus is not only on adhesives, but means of delivery and application as well. Being experts in all levels of how our products are used brings clients unsurpassed value.

Simalfa G21 Spray Gun On-Demand