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simalfa adhesives water based

Simalfa 309-OF

A groundbreaking adhesive that revolutionizes spray application with its exclusive “Overspray Free (OF)” technology. Experience the ease of application and immediate adhesion without any undesirable airborne particles.Unlike traditional methods that attempt to control overspray through costly equipment and precise spray gun settings, Simalfa took a different approach by harnessing the power of chemistry. By doing so, we have effectively eliminated operator variables that contribute to overspray. Our innovative technology enables the adhesive to be sprayed in a controlled web-like pattern, effectively preventing the release of airborne adhesive particles and the formation of a dispersed “cloud.” This breakthrough ensures a clean, secure, and highly efficient environment, while minimizing waste.

  • Overspray Free Technology
  • Super instant tack
  • Very-fast drying
simalfa CR-free adhesives

Simalfa 373

Simalfa 373 is a water-based contact adhesive, free of solvents and chloroprene rubber (CR). By diversifying the raw materials we use in our formulations, we reduce the risk associated with those materials that are often part of worldwide shortages. With this focus in mind, we’ve been able to create new formulations that offer great performance characteristics while meeting both the price stability and environmental goals of our clients. These products further our industry-leading green initiatives for a healthier planet.

  • Two-component
  • CR-Free
  • Very high instant tack
  • Non-yellowing
simalfa adhesives superior bond

Simalfa 818

SIMALFA 818 is a solvent-free, 2-Component (2K) water-based adhesive for the bonding of foams, upholstery materials and more. The adhesive has an excellent initial tack and high flexibility as well as outstanding heat resistance. The initial adhesive strength of SIMALFA 818 is achieved by adding Accelerator 10 during the spraying process. The adhesive, depending on the application, is applied to one or both sides by means of high volume low-pressure spray gun (HVLP).

  • Two-component
  • Very high instant tack
  • Economical