Green Policy

SIMALFA was established as an environmental company long before it was fashionable, simply because it was the right thing to do. What was created was the only adhesive company with a green policy committed to offering only environmentally friendly and sustainable, products and services.

For many companies, environmentalism has become part of their corporate culture. They stress that their focus is to become "compliant" with "regulations". Sounds like they're doing it because they have to, because it has become "fashionable". They're green because they have to be. We're green because we want to be. It's really quite simple: We see it as our obligation to our employees, our neighbors, our world community, and our planet.

We believe you must be green by "Thinking Greener". By that we mean every detail of our business must be looked at to find improvements that benefit our environment. Below are a few highlights we find unique.

Our Products

We design and manufacture only the safest products possible. Our products are formaldehyde free and ROHS compliant but going beyond what's required is a design commitment. Simple things: We use food coloring in all our products instead of dyes. Since our products are high performing, our customers consume less material and energy when using them. All of our products are water-based and solvent-free. We are committed to providing sustainable and eco-friendly products.

Our Facility

We recycle everything regardless of cost. How about simple things like replacing out dated light fixtures with high efficiency low energy units. We've done this long ago.

Our Operation

What about paperless office? Everyone has heard about this, but we live it everyday. How many companies can say that?

Our Staff

We're committed to living green and traveling smart. We're dedicated to Thinking Greener.