Alfa Adhesives

Environmental. Innovative. Experts.

Pioneering the Future in Recycling and Sustainability

First and foremost we’re an environmental company. Our mission is to assist in eliminating hazardous chemicals that are being used by companies today through the offering of environmental solutions that work. We’re extremely different than the traditional adhesive companies you may come in contact with. We don’t produce or market products that contain any known hazards such as solvents… and we never will. We have strict internal company standards to protect our environment and the people who work with our products. We know of NO other adhesive manufacturer who can state this!

Industry Expertise

Want an adhesive company to just drop glue on your floor and walk away? If so, then you shouldn’t call us. If you’re looking for expertise, we know your applications and can illustrate how to best implement Alfa Adhesives (Simalfa) into your production process for maximum gain. Our knowledge is acquired by investing countless hours in manufacturing plants, learning the specific applications for each industry, and then using this knowledge to create effective solutions. Just ask our customers or give us a call!

Driven by Innovation

Alfa Adhesives (Simalfa) is the market leader because of our commitment to innovate. Whether it's our development of water-based adhesives, delivery systems, process flow solutions, technology systems, inventory management systems, or engineering, Alfa Adhesives (Simalfa) continues to focus on offering the best solutions to our customers. Some of these innovations are recognized throughout our proprietary technology, patents, and patents pending, while others are just creative ideas that positively impact the profitability of our customers.

Made in USA

All of our products are produced in Hawthorne, New Jersey and shipped direct to your facility. When purchasing Alfa Adhesives (Simalfa), you limit your international exposure, experience unmatched quality and service, all while supporting USA workers.


Every great company must have great employees and Alfa Adhesives (Simalfa) employees are the finest, most dedicated, hard-working, and creative individuals in the business. Experience the best.