Simalfa 309-HT

Product Description

SIMALFA 309-HT is a high temperature resistant, high yielding, and fast drying one-part water based adhesive that can be used in a wide variety of applications. While primarily designed for the manufacturing of automotive interiors, Simalfa 309-HT is suitable for applications where a very high temperature resistance is needed.

Key Properties

  • Very-High temperature resistance
  • Bonds to many materials
  • High yield
  • Instant bond
  • Fast processing
  • Fast drying
  • One-sided application
  • Soft bond line
  • Solvent free


GREENGUARD Gold Certified ®

Primary Industries

Transportation (Automotive)

Primary Substrates

Used in a variety of applications that include the bonding of various foams, fabric, polyester fiber, cotton fiber, wood, plastic, cardboard, jute, rubber, leather, vinyl, non-wovens, and other porous materials.

Ways to Apply

  • Manual Brush or Roll
  • Manual + Automatic Spray
  • Automatic Roll Coater

Technical Data Sheet + Safety Data Sheet

Please refer to the Safety Data Sheet and Product Label for Health and Safety Information before using Simalfa. Available in English and Spanish versions.