Simalfa 8182

Product Description

SIMALFA 8182 is a solvent-free, 2-component (2K) water-based adhesive for the bonding of foams, upholstery materials and more. The adhesive has an excellent initial tack and high flexibility as well as outstanding heat resistance. The initial adhesive strength of SIMALFA 8182 is achieved by adding Accelerator 10 during the spraying process. The adhesive, depending on the application, is applied to one or both sides by means of high volume low-pressure spray gun (HVLP).

Key Properties

  • Two-Sided Application
  • 2-Component System
  • Super Instant Tack
  • High Flexibility
  • Fast Processing
  • Soft Glue Line
  • Solvent-Free


GREENGUARD Gold Certified ®

Primary Industries


Primary Substrates

Used in a variety of applications that include the bonding of various foams, fabric, polyester fiber, cotton fiber, wood, cardboard, jute, rubber, leather, vinyl, non-wovens, and other porous materials.

Ways to Apply

  • Manual + Automatic Spray

Technical Data Sheet + Safety Data Sheet

Please refer to the Safety Data Sheet and Product Label for Health and Safety Information before using Simalfa. Available in English and Spanish versions.