On-Demand Systems

Simalfa G21 On-Demand

General Information

The SIMALFA On-Demand System is a GAME CHANGER when it comes to adhesive application. It offers the combined benefits of 1-Part and 2-Part adhesives with a simple system by creating a level of control, stability, performance, and ease of use that has never before been possible. By simply pushing a button, the already high instant tack of Simalfa is boosted to further enhance production efficiency and reduce costs. There's no need for complicated 2-part systems, when clients enjoy the patent pending On-Demand System.

Simple Push Button Activation

Use only when needed!
By combining our SIMALFA high tack 1-Part adhesives with SIMALFA Accelerator at the push of a button we can ensure that clients experience the utmost in flexibility when approaching any application and/or process.

Simple Ergonomic Design

The simple ergonomic design of the SIMALFA On-Demand system when combined with the lightweight SIMALFA HVLP Spray Gun, creates an easy to use, comfortable system for any spray operator. The On-Demand button is easy to reach, and mounted exactly where the sprayer’s thumb would normally rest. This allows the sprayer to activate the Accelerator with an effortless, natural motion.

Boosts the Instant Bond of All Simalfa Products

Regardless of which SIMALFA adhesive you currently use, the integration of the On-Demand system could be for you. SIMALFA Accelerator is formulated to boost the instant tack of every 1-part adhesive in the SIMALFA line. This makes On-Demand a simple and trouble free enhancement to your current process.

Huge Savings Through Reduced Adhesive Usage

In the past, when faced with a difficult and stressful application, clients would increase their adhesive application amount to create a stronger bond. With the SIMALFA On-Demand system, the solution is at the push of a button. By adding a small amount of SIMALFA Accelerator to a minimal amount of adhesive, your instant tack strength is boosted exponentially while adhesive usage is reduced.

The On-Demand system also offers huge savings on equipment. No costly or complicated mixing equipment, and no special spray guns. On-Demand is an easy add-on to any gravity, pressurized, or pump system. The spray gun conversion kit is simple and inexpensive, and can be fitted to any existing SIMALFA HVLP Spray Gun in less than a minute.

Renders Traditional 2-Part Adhesives OBSOLETE!

Traditional 2-part water based adhesives have been around for many decades. They are also commonly called 2-component adhesives and 2K adhesives.

The need for these products came about, prior to the introduction of Simalfa (1993), because early 1-part water based adhesives were not aggressive enough to function on their own and provide the performance characteristics needed for industry.

With that being the case, activators were created and added via a “mixing” gun (a gun that sprays the glue and activator at the same time) to create an initial tack that could function in a fast moving production environment. The correct mixture of activator was necessary to obtain even the most basic performance from the product.

These systems are still available today but have 3 fundamental flaws:

Adhesive to Activator Ratio

Because the adhesives used in these systems have no performance characteristics, the correct ratio of adhesive to activator is crucial in getting an aggressive initial tack. Sustaining the correct mixture is a very delicate balance that is easily thrown off.

Equipment and Systems

Traditional 2-parts rely on very costly and complicated equipment to both deliver the adhesive and activator, as well as maintain the correct ratio. These systems require a lot of attention and maintenance and have fallen out of favor as a result.

Locked In

With the advancement of SIMALFA’s 1-part technologies, the use of 2-part systems can be minimized. Traditional 2-part systems, however, are an all-or-nothing proposition. The gun is ONLY capable of spraying as a 2-part gun and in many cases, multiple systems and adhesive formulations are required to do things “logically”. (ie. 2 component in one area, 1 component in another area, 2 different adhesive formulations, etc.)

SIMALFA's On-Demand Accelerator System changes that!