simalfa Bedding Adhesives

Bedding Adhesives

Simalfa is specifically designed for the bedding industry and no product does it better. Whether you're making Pillow Tops, Foam Encased mattresses, 100% Foam mattresses or Medical mattresses, chances are, we've seen it and DONE it almost as much as you have.

So if you use words like tape edging, blind stitching, and hog ringing, we speak your language. Simalfa is an environmental product that is a safe, non-hazardous alternative for your employees. It increases profitability by offering faster production speeds. It offers a high quality final bond for your customers. You can bond your pillow top panels and then tape edge instantly. Build foam encased mattresses complete! Laminate foam core (PU, latex & visco) mattresses with speed. With SIMALFA you can pick it up and move it right away. No waiting!

No other adhesive does bedding like SIMALFA!