Foam Adhesives

Foam Fabrication Adhesives

So why pick Simalfa water based adhesive for foam fabrication? It's easy, Simalfa bonds INSTANTLY to substrates including PU foam, Visco foam, Latex foam, wood, plastic, fiber, fabric, and many others. Simalfa can be sprayed one sided saving production time and labor. Simalfa is simple to use and the Free Flowing System requires no maintenance. Unlike our competitors, we specialize in bonding foams, fibers and fabrics. So whether you're fabricating for the bedding, furniture, transportation, packaging, or any other industry, we have experience with your applications.

Simalfa delivers performance, reliability and know-how to maximize quality!

  • Polyurethane Foam Adhesives
  • Visco Foam Adhesives
  • Latex Foam Adhesives
  • Fiber Adhesives
  • Fabric Adhesives
  • Textile Adhesives
  • Wood Adhesives
  • Plastic Adhesives