Simalfa 310

Product Description

SIMALFA 310 is a super instant tack, high yielding, and fast drying one-part water based adhesive that can be used in a wide variety of applications. While primarily designed for the bedding industry (pillow tops, foam layers, foam encased), Simalfa 310 has exceptional characteristics that allow foams and fabrics to instantly bond to many different materials including wood and plastic.

Key Properties

  • Super high instant bond
  • Bonds to many materials
  • High yield
  • Instant bond
  • Fast processing
  • Fast drying
  • One-sided application
  • Soft bond line
  • Solvent free


GREENGUARD Gold Certified ®

Primary Industries


Primary Substrates

Used in a variety of applications that include the bonding of various foams, fabric, polyester fiber, cotton fiber, wood, plastic, cardboard, jute, rubber, leather, vinyl, non-wovens, and other porous materials.

Ways to Apply

  • Manual Brush or Roll
  • Manual + Automatic Spray
  • Automatic Roll Coater

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Technical Data Sheet + Safety Data Sheet

Please refer to the Safety Data Sheet and Product Label for Health and Safety Information before using Simalfa.

Simalfa 310 – Technical Data & SDS | English + Spanish Versions