Cost Monitoring System

What is it?

The Cost Monitoring System (CMS) measures and records consumption of adhesive for the purpose of efficiency and cost analysis. When used along with production schedules, clients can determine the exact cost per part. Compare this data to the baseline and clients can easily determine their efficiency level. In short, it offers assurance that employees apply the correct amount of adhesive.

Clients can configure the system to monitor consumption on a minute by minute, hour by hour or day by day basis. This gives clients the ability to analyze costs by employee, shift, or the entire bonding operation. The data can be securely downloaded to any number of workstations for further analysis in applications such as MS Excel or Access. This is achieved via a real time, up-to-the-minute wireless computer connection. You can even remotely connect to the system via any internet connection. This allows management staff off site access to data on a real time basis for immediate analysis.

If permitted, Simalfa can access this information for the purpose of analysis, inventory management and alerts.

Guaranteed Savings

Simalfa developed the initial version of the Cost Monitoring System (CMS) back in 1996 to assist clients in better managing their foam bonding operation. Since then, the system has evolved to take full advantage of the latest in available technology, functionality, reporting and analysis.

Reduce Costs

Immediately impact your bottom line.

Increase Yield

Take advantage of significant cost savings and focus on other manufacturing objectives.

Monitor + Control Usage

It's like putting money in the bank.

Eliminate Over Spray

Manage waste and employee productivity.

Wireless Real-time Reporting

Stay ahead of your competition.

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